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Our Philosophy

Scent is powerful and immediate, evoking memories and emotions. Few things are so capable of bringing us into ourselves at a particular time and place and moment.

Those moments matter, big and small. Birth, death, weddings, graduation, the first day of school, the first cup of coffee in the morning, a stranger's smile, the scent of lilacs in the Spring -- all these moments, all of them, contribute to the texture of our lives, our sense of well-being, our sense of self.

My goal is to create moments that make the world a sweeter place, that make the rough patches in the road a little smoother, moments when who you are is here and now, in your body, on this planet, alive and aware and comfortable in your own skin.

I want everybody, everywhere in the world, to have moments like that, to have a life-time of those moments. That's what my mission is all about, bringing the world to its senses, one body at a time.

Security and Privacy

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Payment & Shipping
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